Muhasebeci - A GPL Accounting Program For Linux


Yüksel ÖZCAN
in 1995 he graduated from Zehra Mustafa Dalgıç High School Accounting Department. After that time he earns money from accounting which is his job.He is not a normal accountant. He knows LOGO's all products and use them very well. He is clever and married man. He is the Core of this project. He is midlle level programmer. And he learned rpogramming all by hisself and he is self educated person. His ambition about this project is make a program which is an alternative then other win32 based licensed programs.
email: yuksel[at]linux-sevenler(dot)org
He knows a lot and made F4L and s3dmesh. He is working on Invoice design and editing web page.
email: designofgod[at]yahoo(dot)com
He knows a lot and he is making multi database part of muhasebeci.
email: tuyan[at]interaktif(dot)gen[dot]tr
We will make the best for you.

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