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     Muhasebeci - Warning (28.09.2004)
     muhasebeci 0.5 comes in Turkish in default. if you want to use it english you should change your LANG to en_GB. I hope we gonna solve that problem in near future. write "export LANG=en_GB" to consol. then run muhasebeci.

Muhasebeci Developer Team


     Muhasebeci 0.5 is ready to download (15.09.2004)
     After a long developing time duration, we released 0.5version . We spend very long time for this version,the reason is we recheck all project and newfeatures/parts and new user friendly structure. Lotsof bugs have been fixed in this release. Bad codeshave been recoded. All stability related problemsfixed. For a better user friendly interface, functionbutons and right-click menus can be reached from allparts of the application. And now Muhasebeci is not only Turkish. Using program inEnglish, Deutshc, Russian and Bulgarian is available(Non-translated strings (except from English) is verymuch)

  • Buyer Invoice(s)
  • Seller Invoice(s)
  • Banker Proceses and Reports
  • Current Account processes and Reports
  • Bank Processes and Reports
  • Cheque-Voucher Processes and Reports
  • General Accounting part and all accounting reports
Although dynamic language change ability added. Muhasebeci written in C and it works really fast. Wemade as much as we can and make Muhasebeci userfriendl;
     - While you are recording a new entry;
             F2 - Save
             F3 - Cancel
             F10 Call List (while you are entering anew record this option can show you a list which hasbeen saved before,
         Example:Current Accounts list, or saved banker / bankslist)
     - Buying / Selling invoice(s);
             Insert Inserts new row to list.
             Shift+Delete Deletes row.
     - Others;
             Right-Click menu added. We first check other accounting programs in marketand look their goods(Since we have long list).Our aimis make a program better then them. We are are makinga packet program which can be used by a person whodont know any accounting rule and usevGNU/Linux :).

Muhasebeci Developer Team


     gmtrans - GNU muhasebeci translator (02.05.2004)
     muhasebeci is not just in Turkish. After 0.5 version Muhasebeci can work in English, German, Russian, or Bulgarian. We gonna use gettext too like other projects in linux. We thought that it would be a nice system for translating jobs in web. And we developed gmtrans. First you should register to gmtrans after approvation of your registiration you can start to translate. You can reach gmtrans from Menu. gmtrans is a open source project like muhasebeci. You can download and use it from Download section.
Gmtrans is the first sub-project of Muhasebeci. We gonna publish new sub-projects in time.You can send any suggestion or problems about gmtrans to Form.

Muhasebeci Developer Team


     Mantis - Bug Tracking System (02.05.2004)
     You can send bugs about muhasebeci to Mantis. And watch is that solved or not from there. Mantis is very known system as a bug tracker. We think that with mantis we will solve faster and make more stable application.

Muhasebeci Developer Team


     muhasebeci_0.4a ready to download. 14.03.2004 From now on Banker jobs done. after 0.3a what we have done:

  • Banker Processes (Cash Payment and Cash Taking) added.
  • i386, .deb and src.rpm r ready to download.
  • Configuration files from /etc to user's home directory
  • Some bugs cleaned from Reports

In near future daily, weekly and monthly banker reports will be added.
Please send your suggestions to Form

Yüksel ÖZCAN


     muhasebeci_0.3a ready to download. 24.02.2004 from now on stock movements , stock In-Out totalsı, current account extract and current account In/Out totals reports works stable. New abilities we will work on;

  • Banker Proceses and Reports
  • Current Account processes and Reports
  • Bank Processes and Reports
  • Cheque-Voucher Processes and Reports
  • General Accounting part and all accounting reports

This site released on 10.06.2003 to saving records and handle all necessary accounting issues. Now, I'm only working on a single program named "muhasebeci". I'm not a real programmer at all (i'm 24 years old and i'm an accountant for about 8 years), because of this, first stable version may release about end of 2004. But other volunteers may help to reduce this time period and help on bugfixes.

If we look to world there are a lot of firm, goverments, offices trying to change their system to Linux. Cost is not the most important reason for that. Most important reasons are SECURITY, STABILITY. Developing for and with Linux is a big help for himself. Because of these reasons I decided to develop a accounting program for Linux and put in that my all experince about accounting. I hope this program will make easy pass for a lot of firms and associations to Linux.

Yüksel ÖZCAN

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